Important dates

School year 2020-2021 (Term 2)

JUNIOR show and TALENT show:

Junior Show and Talent Show will be cancelled until further notice.

SAT – TOEFL and CPI test

Details are here.


 Once again we hope to move forward in increasing the face-to-face learning of students.
 As of Monday 26 October to 13 November the following will be enforced:  

Preschool – Monday to Thursday

- Nursery will be from 7:45 - 12:30
- Pre-Primary will be from 7:45 - 2:30
- Grade 0 will be from 7:45 - 2:30  
- Grade 1-3:
 . Groups will merge and school hours will be from 7:45 - 2: 30.
 . This is due to adequate classroom size where social distancing will still continue. 


As of Term II, 16 November, all classes will be merged. School will be from Monday to Thursday and Fridays will be dedicated to on-line instruction, until such time that borders/ flights will be normalized.
More details here.
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AGM is postponed.

More details here.