Junior High

This phase includes Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9, a multicultural group with approximately 50 children enrolled in the most recent school year.

The Junior High School phase’s guiding principles and values are to reinforce Vision Valley School’s vision to consider each individual child’s value and worth, to build on his/her strengths and build up his/her weaknesses. We are challenging and guiding the children to reach their full potential for academic, physical social, emotional and spiritual development. Each seventh, eighth, and ninth grade curriculum includes a daily Biblical Studies time where students will learn skills and values which we believe are crucial to their futures.

Students in the Junior High School phase are also able to participate in diverse extra-curricular activities with an emphasis on sports, handcrafts, music etc from which they are offered the choice of one or more activity per school year. Each term has different activities depending on the availability of the instructors. We had sewing, lawn tennis, swimming, painting and volleyball this year and we are looking forward to new activities in the next school year.

Outings are organized periodically to enhance the skills taught in class.