The story began in the 1990’s when Gavin and Rhoda Jordaan began visiting Madagascar with their South African local church. During these visits it became clear to them that good, quality education was not easily-available on the island. A vision to start a junior school and a church on the island was birthed in their minds and they decided to relocate to the island in late 1999 to see this vision through. In early 2000 a small school was started at the Jordaan home in Androhibe, Antananarivo with two of their own children and one otherchild. That same year, a building was rented to accommodate an additional two Russian and three Malagasy children.

By 2006, the school had outgrown its premises and the School Board decided to build their own facility. Phase One consisted of 10 classrooms, a library, computer lab and an art centre. The first half of Phase One (450m²) was completed in 6 weeks to accommodate the opening of the 2006/07 school year. By mid 2009 a 360m² auditorium, 90m² of offices, a Boma of 240m² and 6 additional classrooms for pre-school and Grade 1 – 3 had been completed.

Through income from student fees and various creative fundraising efforts, the School Board has been able to complete the building without any debt. They currently have a 99%
success rate of parents paying fees. The junior school can now compete with the best on the island.

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Initially the idea was to transfer the children to an existing high school after completion of junior school. As the numbers of children attending the junior school grew (226 in 2009), they began to discuss the need for a high school that would have a similar ethos and level of quality education as the junior school.